27 Februari 2015


Researcher : Ahmad Gerri N (111210027) and Muhammad Rafif S (111210016)
Adviser : Fendi Rohmawan
School : SMA Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Depok
Competition : Indonesian Science Project Olympiad 2014

Money is used generally by the public as a payment tool. The overused  money can be damaged so it is unfit for use. Therefore, every central banks around  the country  replaces the damaged money regularly and pile them as trash. Hence, an environmental issue is generated; an excessive piling of money waste.
On the other hand, the use of coal and wood for industrial purposes also causes its own environmental problems. Coal which has been relied upon as a source of energy for the manufacturing process remains waste that is difficult to deal with from  its combustion. While the use of firewood for large industrial demands a large amount of natural wood.
The solution to these problems is to utilize waste paper money as an alternative fuel. However, the problem  is, (1) What is the best way to produce briquettes of waste of  money? (2) Can the effectiveness of  briquette of  money waste compete with coal and firewood? (3) Will the price of money waste briquettes be affordable and can be generally used?
We do our research by testing the proxymate analysis and ultimate analysis of each briquette we make, comparing money waste briqquete with firewood and coal by doing combustion  test, and doing a price comparison analysis.
According to our research, it is found that the best way to produce briquettes of money waste is by using a pressing machine and by using a mixture of PVCa glue. Because the result is more practical and  neater. Compared with coal and firewood, waste money briquettes is up to par. Besides being more environmentally friendly because the ash level is low (4.74%), use of money waste briquettes for industrial use also can save as much as 20% cost compared to firewood and 60% cost compared to coal

 Full papers can be downloaded here

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