27 Februari 2015


Researcher : Andhika Dwi A  (NIS : 121310011)  and Yoga Hutomo P (NIS : 121310020)
Adviser : Fendi Rohmawan
School : SMA Pribadi Bilingual Boarding School Depok
Competition : Indonesian Science Project Olympiad 2014

Over time, the growth of world population is rapidly increasing, one of them is in Indonesia. At the same time, growth in the industrial sector was growing rapidly is automatically participate because it is influenced by the growing human needs in various fields. In the industrial sector, for example in the automotive repair shop or in other industries that use machine as a tool works, it takes a lubricant (oil) so that the engine can run well and hassle free. The use of oil in the community, too, increases with increasing community needs for vehicles from year to year. Then, the problem is how will the waste oil that has been used can be processed after use, where waste oil is included in the B3 waste (Hazardous and Toxic Materials).
            Today reserves of petroleum energy sources which is the base material for the manufacture of lubricating oil feedstock decreases. It has led to develop the processing technology of petroleum products in good way. We found one solution to overcome this problem is to recycle used oil using waste banana peel to produce lubricating base (base oil).
            The purpose of this project is to be able to recycle the used oil using a medium that is cheap and easily obtained in the form of waste banana peel. Waste banana peel that we normally throw in, in this way chemical content in it will be used to absorb pollutants and stabilize the color of the used oil. Absorbace relative for this experiment is 0.013.

Full papers can be downloaded here

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