22 Januari 2012


How are you, how was it going?
Did you also get used to it?
Do you feel well in Istanbul?
You have married, how did it happen?
Could you finally find the famous harmony, which you always were talking about?
I am okay,
everything is still the same.
Sleeping pills
and smiles full of lies.
I am okay,
you know me.
Whatever I say or do,
I always have the feeling, it is too late.
I wish to see you for a last time
to get rid of your face.
I wish to be defeated by you for a last time,
even if you can't understand it.
I wish you would be mine for a last time
and I could fall asleep next to you.
Believe me, there's nothing new.
I got a little bit older, of course
and my hair run low.
You left an endless night,
you put three little points of suspension.
I didn't show it but I became desolate.
(Emre, dalam sebuah terjemahan)

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